Buying Forever Gifts

Buying “Forever Gifts”

When you make a purchase from the Karbelle Forever Shop, the order form requests certain personal information from you. During checkout, you are asked for your billing address, shipping address, phone number, and email address. Your email address is used to confirm your order to contact you should there be any problems with your order. Phone numbers could occasionally be used regarding your order only. All payment information (including credit cards) is encrypted, used only for order billing: We do not save your credit card information.

With each online transaction, Karbelle Gives Back shares your personal information with the independent partner to help successfully complete the transaction/donation process.

Share Your Story/Visitor Testimonials/Comments/Reviews

In addition to buying a “Forever Gift” to commemorate your experience, send us your visitor stories, testimonials, comments, or reviews at We will share these on our website! Because these may contain personal information such as name, city, and state, make a note if you want your information to remain private. Please note that external websites and software (like “Googlebot”) do crawl websites like ours and thus capture site content, which get indexed to the internet. We have no control over editing the captured content, only what is on our website.